Westwood Community Band

Community Outreach Through Music

A band for all seasons

Westwood Community Band

The Westwood Community Band is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

In 1980, the band director of Sansome School challenged the parents of his band students to form their own group, with the purpose of leading by example. A number of these parents responded and their on-going dedication, boosted by a steady input of new members, has blossomed into the Westwood Community Band. Some of those original parents are still enthusiastic members!

The Band’s objectives are to play good music and offer musical entertainment to the wider community. In 2010/2011 the band celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

The Band welcomes adults, beginners through to accomplished musicians, who play woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments.

This is a friendly environment, new members are welcome to sit-in for a couple of nights with no commitment necessary. You will soon feel at home!

Millennium Band (Summer)

The Manitoba Millennium Band is a community concert band that runs through the summer months in Winnipeg. Since we are the only full concert band (of which I am aware) that rehearses throughout the summer, most of the community bands in Winnipeg are represented in our membership. This provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, learn different music, and keep musical skills honed during what is, for most of us, a longer break from playing!

We welcome members of all levels, and play at about an intermediate level of music – we try to make sure there’s something for everyone, so there are some pieces that are quite easy, and one or two that may prove a challenge. (We hope you’ll come out and do your best!)

For those outside of Winnipeg, should you be in the city and want an opportunity to play for an evening (or more!), please consider coming out to join us. As a summer band, our attendance is a bit fluid, so you will be welcomed!

Some general administrative details: Our website is: www.mbmillenniumband.com

To receive updates directly from the band, subscribe through the following link: http://www.mbmillenniumband.com/index.php/members/ 

(A confirmation of your subscription will follow via email and may end up in your Junk or Spam folder).

The band email address is info@mbmillenniumband.com. (The former gmail address is no longer associated with the band and is not monitored). 

Membership Dues for the summer are $20/person.
It is one of our greatest joys to share music where we can. 

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our group and upcoming shenanigans at the above email address.