Westwood Community Band

International Music Camp

The International Music Camp is an annual event for students and adults that takes place at the International Peace Gardens on the border between Manitoba and North Dakota on Highway 10 (Canada) and Highway 3 (United States).

The adult camp is a 4 day event starting on Saturday and ending Tuesday. If you are attending keep an eye out for Westwood memebers, every year a significant number of Westwood Band members make the trek down.

In 2006 Westwood were guest performers at IMC for our 25th anniversary. We loved performing for such an amazing audience and would like to thank everyone who attended for their generous and overwhelming praise. Although we are short on photographs of the performance itself, we have a number of photos from IMC 2006. The performance was also recorded and we have made a few of the tracks available for download.

Millennium Band (Summer)

The Manitoba Millennium Band is a community concert band that runs through the summer months in Winnipeg. As the only full concert bande) that rehearses throughout the summer,  there are musicians from most of the community bands in Winnipeg. This provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, learn different music, and keep musical skills honed during what is, for most of us, a longer break from playing!

We welcome members of all levels, and play at about an intermediate level of music – we try to make sure there’s something for everyone, so there are some easier pieces and a few that may prove a challenge. (We hope you’ll come out and do your best!)

Membership Dues for the summer are $20/person.

Our website is: www.mbmillenniumband.com

To receive updates directly from the band, subscribe through the following link: http://www.mbmillenniumband.com/index.php/members/ 

The band email address is info@mbmillenniumband.com.