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Westwood Community Band

Contact Information

If you have questions about the band please contact:

Rick Sellwood president@westwoodcommunityband.ca

If you are interested in the having Westwood perform at an event please contact:

Greg Baratt or Ray Vance gigs@westwoodcommunityband.ca

Executive Committee

President: Rick Sellwood

Musical Director: Ginny Helmer

Vice President: Craig Hanley

Secretary: Doug Gibb

Treasurer: David Patrick

Past President: Duncan Hasker

Librarian: Heather Schaefer

Assistant Librarian: Jan Aubin

Gigs: Greg Barratt

Gigs: Ray Vance

Social Rep: Wendy Chapman

Social Rep: Rowan Greger

If you have questions or suggestions about this website please contact:

Webmaster Garret Rempel (204-230-4751) webmaster@westwoodcommunityband.ca

or Chris Abbott at chrisabbott.net