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Westwood Community Band


Music List

A complete listing of music that is available in the Westwood Music Library

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These are a few sample tracks recorded during Westwood's 25th Anniversay Concert on July 30th, 2006 at the International Music Camp.

Liberty Bell (2.54MB) Length 2:47

Big Band Showcase (7.63MB) Length 8:20

It Don't Mean a Thing (3.12MB) Length 3:25

Count Basie Salute (3.91MB) Length 4:17

Themes Like Old Times One (5.11MB) Length 5:35

Caravan (2.53MB) Length 2:46

Themes Like Old Times Two (5.22MB) Length 5:43

Swing the Mood (3.31MB) Length 3:38

Blues Brothers Revue (4.75MB) Length 5:12